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New Students Orientation Libguide: Library Catalog

Law Library Catalog --- Discovery Layer

For our law library collections*, there are two catalog searches available for you to choose from. The default search box will run a search on our newly adopted discovery layer, which allows you to search UT law collections, as well as many full text articles from different databases such as HeinOnline and JSTOR. 

After you have typed your search terms in the search box and clicked  , you will be directed to a new page where you can do advanced search or refine your search results with several filters on the left side of the results page. 

From the result list, you can access full text articles directly.

*Joel A. Katz Law Library has its own library catalog that separates our collections from those owned by other UTK libraries, including Hodges Library. Click HERE to search for the library collections owned by Hodges Library of the main campus. 

Law Library Catalog --- Classic Library Catalog

You can access the classic catalog directly through HERE, or click on "Search the Classic Catalog" from the law library webpage.

The default classic catalog search will search one field only, i.e., title, or author, or call number, etc. If you already know the details of the item you are interested in, this will be the best place to look it up in the catalog. 

Advanced Keyword Search allows you to search multiple fields in the same time. For example, if you are looking for books that talks about capital punishment in the U.S., you can do the following search. When you put words in quotation marks, they will be treated as a phrase.

When you find an item that covers your topic, go to its catalog record and find the subject terms (see the highlighted part in the picture below) assigned to that item. All the subject terms in the catalog records are clickable and they will lead you to items that share the same subject terms. 

Library Express and Interlibrary Loan

Sometimes you will find out that the law library does not have the item you are looking for. Under those circumstances, there are two possible ways for you to get that item.

Interlibrary Loan

If the item you are looking for is NOT held on the UT Knoxville campus, we can try to borrow it for you from another library. To place a request for an interlibrary loan, go to the law school PORTAL and fill out a online form there. Contact or 865-974-1823 if you have questions about the interlibrary loan service. You will be notified when your item is available for pickup. 

The Hodges Library also provide interlibrary loan services. Follow the instructions HERE if you want to use this service. 

Library Express (LX)

If that item is owned by other UT Knoxville libraries, you can use the Library Express Service. 

How Do I Check Out Library Materials?

The following 3 steps will help you retrieve and check out most library items. 

Step 1: On the catalog record page, find the call number and location of that item.

Step 2: Use the library directory to locate the item in its designated location.

Step 3: Bring the item to the circulation desk for checking out. Our staff at the circulation desk will tell you the loan period for that item. 

You can find more information on the circulation of library materials under "Checking Out and Renewing Library Materials" on our library webpage.