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Administrative Law: The Federal Register

Understanding The Federal Register

You can find a tutorial on The Federal Register by visiting the National Archives Website.

Federal Register Tutorial

Accessing the Federal Register

Published every federal work day, The Federal Register contains new regulations, proposed changes to current regulations, executive orders, and presidential documents.


In Print:

Available in the library.



FDsys (1994-Present) The Government Printing Office publishes The Federal Register through the Federal Digital System.


LexisNexis Federal Register: FEDREG: Coverage begins March 14, 1936 (1 FR 1). Updated within one day of publication.


Westlaw Federal Register: FR: Coverage begins January 1, 1981 (46 F.R.). FR-ALL: Coverage is from January 1936 to present. FR-OLD: Coverage is from January 1936 to December 1980.


HeinOnline Federal Register: From inception, Volume 1 (1936) to present. Retrieve by FR citation, by date, browse, or search full text for words or phrase.


Federal Register 2.0 An unofficial version of the Federal Register presented in a "web journal" format. Search or browse full text or browse by agency from 1994 forward. Retrieve by FR page number from 1995 (Volume 60) forward.