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Citation Management Tools: Home

Citation Management Defined

Citation Management refers to a collection of many different tools designed to help researchers manage bibliographic information. The term citation management is also known as "citation software," "bibliographic management," or "reference management."

There are many tools available to the researcher. You will need to experiment with the many different tools to determine what will work best for you and your needs.

Tool Feature Comparison Charts

Shepardizing and Quote Checking

These tools update your sources for good law and verify whether you have copied the exact language of a quote in a document.

LexisNexis for Microsoft Office -- must download.

Shepard's Brief Check -- no download required. Upload a document or type in a list of citations.

WestCheck -- includes Quote Right quote checking and Keycite for updating the law.

Table of Authorities Creation

Citation Management Software Available at UTK


   Both the Bluebook brief and law review formats are available on EndNote.


   Bluebook law review format only.

Free Tools Available on the Web

Tools used for creating a database of authorities to insert into a document in proper Bluebook format:


   A free tool that generates Bluebook citations and bibliograhies in Microsoft Word. Bluebook law review format only using the Zotero bluebook style. Online tutorials available. 


   A free Firefox add-on. Bluebook law review format only. Online tutorials available.


   A free open-access browser extension. Automatically processes captured web sites and clip pages directly from your browser. All captures are also indexed and searchable. Also offers the ability to sync and share with other systems.


   A free Firefox extension. When copying text from either Lexis or Westlaw cases Cite Genie will put the citation into the proper format for the jurisdiction you choose or in standard Bluebook brief format.

Citation Management Software Available for Purchase


   This software checks bluebook citation format as you type. It works on an existing document by highlighting each citation and pressing F2. This software only supports practitioner (brief) format for citation. 


   This is a subscription based software that only supports the Bluebook law review format.


Articles on Citation Management

Subject Guide

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Eliza Fink

LexisNexis Microsoft Office

Lexis®for Microsoft® Office (LMO) is an innovative real-time legal writing management tool. Users can instantly verify and format citations and quotes, quickly create and update their table of authorities in the required court jurisdiction style, and easily insert complete citations of Lexis® content. One-time downloads are available for PC and Mac users. Be sure to access the free download at the LexisNexis Law School website. 

WestlawNext Writing Tips

WestlawNext allows you to cut and paste citations in Bluebook law review or brief format. From the Preferences link at the bottom of the WLN homepage select your preferred format: Bluebook law review or Bluebook brief.

When you highlight part of a document, select "Copy with Reference" and the highlighted section will be copied along with the citation to the document in the format you chose from the Preferences link at the bottom of the WLN homepage. The WLN default for citation style is Bluebook for legal briefs.