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1L Success Guide Legal Process: Legal Writing

CALI Lessons

Computer Assisted Legal Instruction

Comprehensive List

List of UT College of Law Library Legal Writing Sources

Bluebook Citations (Sample)

This PDF document contains sample Bluebook citations and explanations. You can also find quick examples on the inside front and rear covers of your Bluebook.  The inside front cover uses the format preferred in law review footnotes, and the inside rear cover uses the format preferred in court documents and legal memoranda.



Handbooks contain a comprehensive overview of relevant materials.  These are most useful if used early and often to supplement class assignments. 


Nutshells are intended to be a quick reference guide.  They are great to refer to when one certain topic is troubling or when a broad overview is desired.

Commercial Guides

There is an inexhaustible supply of commercial products available, so it is beneficial to try to browse several and see which ones work best for you.  

Subject Guide

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The University of Tennessee College of Law uses the Bluebook for citation format. You may buy a print or an online copy of the 19th edition of the Bluebook. There are also many useful guides on the Bluebook and how to use it.

Bluebook Online

User's Guide to the Bluebook