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Contact our IT department, for assistance in setting up a printing account for your research assistant work.

Interlibrary Loan

If your faculty member wants something not available on campus, speak to a reference librarian or with Leslie Principe,, about placing a request to borrow an item from another library.

Other Libguides

Research Support

Starting a new topic, looking for an obscure document, or trying to figure out how to cite a report you’ve never seen before? Maybe you need to get started on a literature search for your professor, or come up with a list of books on the topic? Don’t hesitate to ask any of the reference librarians for assistance!

Sibyl Marshall  865-974-5906

Nathan Preuss  865-974-6736

Jingwei Zhang  865-974-9864

About This Guide

This guide is based on the content of Summer Research Assistants Training. It helps you to find and use legal research tools that are beyond your first year basic legal research training. If you have any questions with finding and using the research tools covered in this guide, feel free to stop by the reference desk or contact our reference librarians by phone or email.

Library Check-outs Policies

For our law library, just let a library worker know that you are a research assistant and the faculty member you work for. When you are checking books or other items out here, just mention it to the circulation staff member and we will make sure that the book is checked out to your faculty member and not to you personally. If you forget to take care of this while checking out, just bring it to our attention and we will fix the record for you.

For check-outs from Hodges or other campus libraries, your faculty member will need to get a proxy card. Proxy cards can be obtained by going to Hodges library in person,l but most faculty prefer filling out the online application. The online application and other information about proxy cards can be found HERE.

Do not be tempted to check out materials from Hodges under your own account if the materials are for your faculty employer. Trust us on this one. Getting a proxy card is a hassle but it isn’t nearly as much hassle for you as being personally on the hook for several hundred dollars worth of books when your employer’s dog eats them.


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